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Ceu - Electronic Thesis Submission

The Central European University is committed to the preservation and wide circulation of the scientific material produced by its members. To achieve this goal, starting from the Academic Year 2006/2007, CEU requires all candidates for a CEU Academic degree to deposit the electronic version of their submitted thesis into the CEU Electronic Theses and Dissertations Collection.

During the submission process please follow the following easy steps closely. This way you can shorten the duration of the process, and can avoid extra work, both for you and for those who will handle your work.

  1. Prepare your thesis following all rules set forth by your department (both for format and for content).
  2. Convert the prepared document into PDF format. You can find here a detailed instruction how to do it.
  3. Check the result of the conversion. If you encounter problems (e.g. certain characters are missing, or tables, figures are set wrongly, etc.), please look for assistance either from the HELPDESK or the Computer & Statistics Center staff.
  4. Submit the PDF version you just created using this page. Please note that a small sign will appear on each page of your submitted paper.
  5. Check again the submitted version. If you found an error, or want to improve certain paragraphs, do it on the original version, repeat the conversion and the submission process.
  6. Print out the submitted document; this will be the paper version which you will submit. Please make sure that the electronic and the printed versions are identical.

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